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What is Kunjal Kriya yoga?  This is an important function for the digestive system. It is a purification process of yoga. This process cleans the food pipe. This is a beneficial action for acidity and gas problems. In this article, we will know what is the Kunjal Kriya Yoga for acidity? Health benefits and precaution.

(Hindi version of this article :- Kujal Kriya Yoga)


Table of content :-

  • What is the Kunjal Kriya?
  • Why do Kujal Kriya?
  • Method of Kunjal.
  • Benefits of Kunjal.
  • Precautions for Kunjal.

What is Kunjal Kriya Yoga? its benefits and precautions.

This yoga kriya is performed for the purification of digestive system. It is also called 'Gajakarni' or 'Vamandhauti'. Shatkarma is a purification system in yoga. This Kriya is also performed in Shatkarma.

Kunjal Kriya is performed in simple method. It is beneficial for acidity.

Why do Kunjal Kriya?

When we eat food, its digestion takes place in the stomach. Acid and bile are produced in the stomach for digestion. But sometimes these chemicals are producted in excess due to the wrong diet. These extra acids and bile get collected in our food pipe. 

The formation of acid in excess is called acidity. Due to this sour belching comes and there is a burning sensation in the throat. "Kunjal" is an effective "Kriya" for this problem.

Method, benefits and precautions of Kunjal Kriya.

In yoga, 'Shat-karma' has been told for the purification of the body There are 6 actions in 'Shat-karma'. Among them Kunjal Kriya is an important action. Its method is simple. This 'Kriya'  should be done in the morning by empty stomach. Do not do this 'Kriya' after having a meal.

Method :-

  • Take the simple drinking water in a jug, or any pot. Sit down on your knees. Keep the left hand on the stomach. Hold the pot of water in the right hand.
  • Drink the water as much as you can. After drinking the water, keep the pot  on the side. Stand up by leaning forward from the back.
  • Make light pressure on the stomach with the left hand. Put the finger of the right hand in the mouth and touch the back of the tongue (near the throat). 

  • Take out the water by vomiting. Keep vomiting till all the water comes out. After the water comes out completely, gargle with some water.

Health benefits of Kunjal Kriya?

  • The food pipe gets purified and harmful elements come out.
  • Excess acid, come out by this action.
  • The digestive system remains smooth.
  • This action is beneficial in gas and acidity problems.
  • It removes "Kapha" and "Pitta" diseases.

 Precautions for Kunjal Kriya.

  • This Kriya (action) is very simple. But some cautions should be taken while doing this Kriya.
  • Do not do this action daily. It should be done only once or twice in a month.
  • It should be done in the morning, by  empty stomach. Do not do it after having a meal.
  • Do not take a bath immediately after the "Kriya". Take a bath after some time.
  • Take light food after an hour.
  • Take light and digestible food.

Who should not do Kunjal Kriya?

This Yoga Kriya is very simple.  But some people should not do this action. The patient should do this action with the advice of a doctor.

Heart patients, asthma sufferers, hernia patients, people suffering from intestinal diseases should not do the Kunjal Kriya, or do it with the advice of a doctor. Pregnants should not do it.

Summary :-

Kunjal Kriya Yoga is a beneficial action for acidity and gas problems. It purifies the food pipe. Excess acid, bile and harmful substances are taken out by this action. Do not do this action daily. Do it only once or twice a month.

Disclaimer :-

Our aim is not to cure the disease. Our aim is to create awareness about Yoga. Do not do this action if you are suffering from any kind of disease. Be sure to seek medical help.

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