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Nature has provided us with a power to keep our body healthy, which is called "Immunity". This immunity works to keep the body safe from diseases."Yoga" protects this 'Immunity'.

Yoga is an excellent method to keep the body healthy. In ancient times, people had a long and healthy life. Because they led a Yogic life. This article will describe how yoga keeps the body healthy.

(Read this article in Hindi- योग रखे निरोग.)

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How does Yoga keep the body healthy?

"Yoga" is an ancient way of life in India. In ancient times, Yoga was limited only to 'Sages' and 'Yogis'. They used yoga to keep their bodies healthy for meditation. This method, which was taught by the sages, is called 'Yoga'. Today, the whole world is adopting Yoga for health.

Does yoga keep the body healthy? Does it protect the body from diseases? How can we practice yoga for good health? To understand all this, we need to understand "Yoga".

What is Yoga? Yoga practice for health.

What is Yoga? Practicing only "Asanas" and "Pranayama" is not Yoga. They are only a part of Yoga. Yoga goes beyond that. Balanced diet, good thoughts, and disciplined life are also part of Yoga. Patanjali Yoga describes "Ashtanga Yoga" for the complete practice of Yoga. What is Ashtanga Yoga? Let's learn about it.

Ashtang Yoga.

The "Patanjali-Yoga Sutra" provides a detailed description of "Ashtanga Yoga". This is a complete form of yoga. It has eight limbs.

1. Yama :- Education of social morality.

2. Niyama :- Education of personal purification.

3. Asana :- Physical postures.

4. Pranayama :- Breathing exercises.

5. Pratyahar :- Control of senses.

6. Dharna :- Concentration to hold the mind in one place.

7. Dhyan :-  Mental concentration.

8. Samadhi :- State of complete stillness of mind.

The complete yoga is Ashtang Yoga. But in today's time only Asanas, Pranayama and meditation are practiced for health. In this article these three parts Yoga will be described in detail.

Yoga-Practice for health.

Regular Yoga-practice keeps the body healthy and fit. The Yoga-practice should be done with some precautions and discipline. It is important to follow the correct sequence of Yoga. Yoga practice should be done in the following order :-

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Asana (Yoga Poses) for health.

"Asana" is the first step of Yoga-practice. Asanas help to strengthen, activate, and keep the body healthy. Every person's physical ability and condition are different. Therefore, while practicing Asana, one should keep the following points in mind :-

Place and time :- Practice on a yoga mat or a cloth-sheet, and choose a suitable time for yoga practice. Early morning is the best time for yoga practice. Always practice yoga on an empty stomach. Choose the right place.

Simple asanas :- Simple Asanas are beneficial. Difficult Asanas can be harmful. Therefore, one should practice Asanas that can be held for a longer period with ease.

According to ability :- One should practice Asanas according to their physical ability. Overdoing the practice can be harmful.

In case of illness :- Yoga practice is for healthy individuals. It should not be done during illness. If some simple asanas need to be done in this condition, then only do so under the guidance of a Yoga Teacher.

Prohibited :- Some people should avoid practicing asanas. Therefore, these individuals should not practice Yoga poses :-

• People suffering from serious digestive or abdominal diseases.

• Individuals who have undergone surgery on any part of body.

• Those who have a spinal injury or serious spinal disease.

• Pregnant women.

• Old peoples.

The effects of Yogasanas on health.

• Regular practice of Yogasana helps to keep the body healthy.

• Strengthens the body's organs.

• Affects the digestive system.

• Regulates blood circulation.

• Keeps balance the body-chemicals.

• Boosts immunity and helps to keep the body healthy.

Pranayama keeps body healthy.

After practicing asanas, practice pranayama in the next sequence. This is a breathing exercise. It strengthens the respiratory system and increases the flow of Prana-energy. It provides energy to the body and helps to maintain good health.

Sitting position :- After practicing asanas, sit in comfortable position. and practice Pranayama. Choose a sitting position according to your ability. Sitting in the Padmasana Pose  is the best. Keep the spine straight.

Maintain Focus :- Maintain focus during the practice of Pranayama. For this, keep your eyes closed gently.

Practice according to Capacity :- Practice pranayama according to your breathing capacity. Do not practice beyond your capacity.

Perform Kumbhaka Carefully :- If the breathing condition is normal, then use kumbhaka. If you have a breathing problem or your breathing condition is not normal, then do not perform Kumbhaka.

(Kumbhaka :- A state where breathing is held for a short period of time)

Do not Practice by force :- After practicing one exercise, normalize your breathing. After your breathing becomes normal, then perform the next exercise. Do not perform any activity by extra force.

Prohibited :- Pranayama practice is prohibited for some people. These individuals should not practice pranayama :-

• People with breathing problems.
• Heart patients.
• People with weak respiratory system. • Elderly people.

Effects of Pranayama for health.

Pranayama is energizing for the body. It helps to maintain good health.Its effects are multidimensional :-

• It strengthens the respiratory system.

• It supplies oxygen in sufficient quantity and keeps the oxygen-level in the right condition.

Regular Pranayama keeps the heart healthy. 

• It regulates blood pressure and sugar- level. 

Pranayama-practice increases pranic energy.

• It balances the Tri Doshas (Kaf, Vat, Pitta) and other chemicals of body.

• It boosts the immune system.


After practicing Asanas and Pranayama, sit in a state of meditation. It keeps the mind and brain healthy.

Method :-

• Sit in a comfortable position.

• Keep the spine straight and relax position.

• Place the hands in the Gyan-Mudra on the knees.

• Close the eyes gently.

• Focus the attention on the breath in a concentrated state.

• After focusing on the breath for a while, shift the focus of meditation to the Agya-Chakra (between the eyebrows).

• Sit in a state of thoughtlessness. After sitting in this position for a while, come out of the meditation position.

• Open the eyes. Lie down straight for a while and relax.

Practice of meditation keeps the mind and brain healthy. A healthy mind helps in keeping the body healthy.

Summary :-

Yoga helps in keeping the body healthy. The practice of yoga should be done regularly and in the correct sequence.

Disclaimer :-

The practice of Yoga is only for healthy individuals. This article is only for providing information about Yoga. It is not for the treatment of any disease

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